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30 11 2009

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in my opinion

23 06 2009

Republicans and Democrats are really the same. The only difference is whose money they take. I’m glad to not be affiliated with either.

Cool shoes

2 06 2009

saw these online today.

Totally awesome

6 05 2009

This chair is soo cool. The low back has me worried. Low backs and people like me over 6′ don’t get along. But the name of this chair is too great

Lazy Bastard Chari -

Lazy Bastard Chari -

A new addition to the Carvers

23 04 2009

So I’m a father now. My wife and I (mostly my wife) brought Zora Brynn into the world on April 4, at 11:20 a.m. So far being a daddy is pretty great, other than I don’t know what she wants sometimes. My wife also has magical mommy powers that can calm Zora when I cannot.

It seems like I’ve known her for a while and it isn’t as bazaar as I had though having her in the house. I made a habit to not talk about here when she was in utero like she was in another state waiting to be shipped. She’s been with us for the last 9 months, she’s just on the outside now.

Bud Light Commercials

13 04 2009

I’m a Guiness man, but Budweiser is known for their commercials. Yet another gut buster from them.

Pretty awesome Mario Bros Tee

10 04 2009

I really like these realistic takes on games. Its a pretty crazy design, something I could really get my torso into.